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This inexpensive and easy to install and use SEO WordPress Plugin will help to index you in major search engines properly including your images for extra bonus listings in the search engines like Google and Yahoo.


It adds Schema Markup. What is Schema Markup ?

Schema is the tiny “micro” data Google and other search engines picks up to determine your site’s content (and how good it is) so it can be indexed . Unlike the meta-keywords of old, good Schema is dynamic with your site. And while having that is a real pain to do manually, Project Supremacy works in the background, perfectly, 24/7/365, to get this done for you.


It indexes images for you too, BIG Bonus !!!

EXIF is the micro data that’s taken from your images so that Google gets a really important glimpse into what your website is about. Sites where the EXIF data gets created nearly always outrank those that don’t. And Project Supremacy is going to take care of ALL of that for you with easy to use prompts.


schema markup for images


      It is the SEO plugin used for this website !








Features :

Keyword Research built in.
Create Schema Markup per page -
Interlinking for adding Affiliate links, Youtube Videos, & Pixabay images built in.
Affiliate Marketing research built in.
iWriter & iNeedArticles account Integration.
Quick setup.

Benefits :

Only plugin you needed for SEO including Local SEO.

Huge time saver.

Saves money on marketing.



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seo for schema

Seo analysis of a website


Perhaps a done for you package ?

You can buy a done for you package for $50us where I install the plugin and activate the rich snippets to your website for you for the search engines to pick up.  This includes up to 10 pages like contact us etc. This will also include a scan usually $5.00us per page of your site up to 10 pages to see where else you can improve your site. Like the example pic below. use the contact us for and tell me what you would like and I will send you a PayPal invoice.


Thank you for your business.

Sara Lees

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