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Everybody with a website needs a great keyword market research tool.  Even if you are just looking for profitable keywords for your blog or your next stat busting social media campaign Market Samurai is a fantastic tool for every online marketer. If you are new to online marketing then you need to understand from the get go , no keywords = no sales. You need effective main keywords in everything you do, as well as great supporting keywords in your  text called LSI Keywords.

Google or Youtube will have tutorials to show you the basics if you need them.

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Beginner friendly marketing software

This software does a fantastic job of finding you great keywords and LSI keywords for all you online needs. I have tried several software tools and paid hundreds of dollars on Google Adwords but I truly feel that if you understand keywords well you can get all the traffic you need with a little bit of your time  , effective keywords and a decently designed web page and sprinkle on a social media campaign and you should be making money or sharing you knowledge to the right audience. Click the banner below to get the FREE software and give it a go.


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A really cool keyword analysis and more importantly market analysis tool to show you where to focus your efforts online. It may even give you some business opportunity areas that you may not have thought of. I know it has for me many times.

Watch the 2 minute video to see why you need this software, especially to avoid the many mistakes that CAN and usually does happen to us all at some point. I am trying help you here believe me ! Why believe me , because I was already there.


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See what I mean , this really is a great keyword research tool as well as an awesome marketing research analysis tool that anyone that markets online cannot do without. It really is worth the time to see how much time and effort it will save you long term.


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